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TNG Reboot or Original Cast Comeback? What would you perfer? on Facebook as been heavily discussing a TNG reboot already, and I'm like why, I would much rather see the original actors come back and do a few more films. I never thought the TNG films were all that bad... I think what hurt them the most is they didn't have Shatner & the crew in them and that's why Abrams created this new timeline. But if Star Trek is going to be nothing but reboots from now on, it's going to be nothing but movie bucks and not a good story line. A TOS reboot I can understand, Trek was hurting, and it was a way to bring the franchise back. I liked the new film, despite some of the critism it's getting. This Star Trek isn't supposed to be like the others anyway... but like I said, if they just keep rebooting everthing, I think Trek will loose it's core. What do you think? (as in original cast I mean the TNG original cast)
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