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I'm not quite sure where the thread can go.
Agreed. Beside the OP, I don't think anyone here argued that the death penalty is moral, practical, or effective.

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The ill-natured "joke" about Italian being awesome (that's a devastating satire on one's nation's pretensions!) was matched by my bilious jibe about Berlusconia. The only difference is I'm retroactively embarrassed by the crudity.
My "ill-natured joke", as you call it, was a response to the particularly bad taste of the topic, brought forth by another Italian. As I said, it was playful prancing, and if you read the original exchange, it was quite apparently so. But I guess humour is something that escapes you. If you prefer, I can offer a point-by-point discussion of why and how Italy sucks, completed with in-depth analysis of national politics, cultural context, and a number of personal anecdotes. I have no troubles harshly criticizing my country, just as I have no troubles telling a joke or two about it being awesome. I know it might come as a surprise to you, but not it's not mandatory to be dull and aggrieved all the time.

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Disliking Lega Nord, especially for being lower class, is not leftwing
My dislike of Lega Nord has nothing to do with them being lower-class, and anything with them being xenophobes and arseholes.
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