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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I don't need them to try for an exact match. Heck, I liked Lois in Smallville (most of the time) and she doesn't look like a traditional Lois. My problem with MoS Lois (well, the biggest one) is that she's extremely bland and not memorable. I could see myself watching the movie and then just forgetting who she is if they don't keep constantly calling her name.

I mean, in a perfect world, comic book movie actors would look like the comic book counterparts all the time. I'm watching a movie based off a franchise I like, I'm not there to see them pull out some random actress, call her "Lois" and then just have to accept that this random woman is the character I'm used to. If you're not going to use the characters normal liknesses/personalities, or close to it, why bother to use them at all? Its like casting Patton Oswalt as Thor or Christopher Walken as Captain America. No one in their right mind would do that, because its just stupid. MoS Lois isn't that bad, but she is bland and forgettable. Still, I don't need characters to be exact. I was fine with black Heimdall in Thor and stuff likie that, but you should be able to identify a major character on sight, and the actress for Lois is just too bland for that.

That said, a forgettable Lois is a very small problem in a movie that looks to be full of them. I just mentioned it because I started noticing it.
It just makes no sense to judge Amy Adams as a bland Lois based on what we have seen. You haven't seen the movie yet and there is no way you can judge her unless you have a preconcived notion to judge and hate the movie before even seeing it, which you have demonstrated that that is the case for you.
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