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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I am the Sho-Rin, master of the Mutai and clearly a big fan of Babylon 5. TNG is second, though, followed closely by DS9 and ENT. I refused to watch TNG at first due to the derivative title but was talked into watching an ep by a trusted friend. It turned out to be "Measure of a Man" and I was instantly hooked. There are too many favorites to list.

I guess I'm about the only guy around older than Spider1. I'll turn 60 next May. IRL, I'm Technical Training Manager for a major maker of electronic security products. Born in Louisville, KY with stints in Lexington, KY, Atlanta, GA, Pleasanton, CA and now live in Orange, CA. I travel about 150,000 miles each year on average. I'm a car buff, unfunded audiophile and occasional pilot (900 hours). The Lady Sho-Rin and I are very active in our church.

If you ever meet me IRL, call me Bill. Mutai is a virtual character only.
Into the sands of blood comes the Sho-Rin, master of the Mutai. Babylon 5 - TKO
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