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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x18 "Up The Long Ladder"

The difference between whether you accept abortion as murder or not.

Pro-Choice stance:
The Librarian wrote: View Post
As far as the clones are concerned, I largely agree with what Timo seems to be saying. Since the clones aren't mature enough to be conscious, at that point they're not alive and so destroying them is not a problem. If Riker and Pulaski had come in a day later and found fully-grown versions of themselves, at that point it would have been murder to kill them.
Pro-Life stance:
Jeyl wrote: View Post
How do you know the clones were not alive? Who is to say that they didn't reach a stage where they could fully develop on their own and were simply kept in those tubes for convenience? These clones were wanted by those who created them, and Riker and Pulaski were content in killing them for no reason outside of the fact that they felt "uncomfortable". There was no beneficial or logistical reason for it. To use "law" to justify that these Clones are not people and you can kill them off without consequence goes against everything that the episode "The Measure of a Man" tried to establish. Really shows your "enlightened" humanity when you kill a life form that didn't even have a chance to defend itself the way Data did.
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