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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Ok - what's silly about it is, we have better security in the 21st century. I have to show a valid ID badge to get into work and that is not a top secret spy base. We can monitor mobile phone calls now -albeit civil liberties prevent authorities doing this as standard. Does anybody think that a top secret base close to instigating a war with the Klingon Empire would NOT be monitoring local traffic? Why would it? FOR EXACTLY THE REASONS WE SAW IN THE MOVIE!
Two things here:

1) Despite what you may have heard, wiretapping every private conversation on the entire planet isn't actually a very good way of catching criminals, especially in a world were three billion people own phones and millions of them are talking at any given time. Imagine the situation where it's actually eight billion phones just on Earth alone, in addition to the two billion other people spread across 100 Federation worlds who at any given reason have a reason to talk to someone on Earth. Scotty's conversation would be one out of tens of millions, and at no point in that conversation does Scotty use the words "bomb" or "honor" or "praetor" or even "Section 31," or any other keywords that might potentially tip off a data mining program that his conversation was important. What, exactly, did the conversation entail, except for Kirk calling Scotty and asking "Dude, are you drunk? Okay, take down these coordinates for me. Sorry about firing you. Buh bye." Starfleet wouldn't have caught it because in actually there's nothing there for them to catch, except for the coordinates, which might not actually mean anything to anyone but Section 31, who at this point isn't monitoring public communications.

2) Despite their claims to the contrary, Section 31 isn't an official and recognized part of starfleet, it's more of a quasi-legal conspiracy of like-minded officers (sort of like the Fraternal Order of Police). They don't actually have direct command of Starfleet resources other than what can be (mis)appropriated by Section 31 members; it's all very much on the sly.

Which means it's fortunate that Scotty arrived when he did, at the exact moment that the Vengeance's bridge crew and engineers arrived -- and in a considerably hurry, it turns out -- to ready the ship to fly to the neutral zone and shoot down the Enterprise. Almost any other time of the year, they would have beamed aboard his shuttle, wiped his memory and dropped him on Ganymede with a splitting headache.

And Scotty doesn't flee - he sneaks onto a top secret spaceship with poorly trained security. In our office, if you see someone without ID, you are supposed to challenge them and that is everybody, not just trained security staff, who would immediately escort said unknown persons off the premises (or more likely to the brig on a starship).
Having worked as an armed security guard in the not too recent past, I can tell you straight faced that most private security guards are more for show than for security. The guy who questioned Scotty probably didn't have the first idea what to do with him and was mainly just biding time until his supervisor showed up. I suspect the same is true of the guards who saw Scotty's shuttle fly past the dock; if they're anything like the people I used to work with, they probably noticed the shuttle, flagged its ID and immediately wrote a report to the effect of "Unidentified shuttle entered perimeter at 0530 hours. Registry NCC-1701/9. Scans show single occupant plus five liters of Scotch."

Having no method of detecting incoming transporter signals is ludicrous. Transporter tech has been around for decades.
So has wireless radio, but nobody seems to have invented a device that can tell you instantly if somebody in the building is using one.

Narada was a civilian ship - with massively powerful shields...
WERE the shields massively powerful? I seem to recall that they failed immediately after being rammed by a Vulcan speedboat...

massively powerful weapons, and a lot of them
Powerful by 23rd century standards, sure. It's possible that the weapons the Narada fired at Enterprise in 2257 were just the K-mart knockoffs of the torpedoes Khan invented in 2259.

and in a nation where intruders beamed in off a cloaked ship are a very, very real threat
What nation would that be, considering Klingon ships cannot use transporters while cloaked?
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