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Let's see:

The Enterprise can now maneuver in an atmosphere with ease. It's as handy as a helicopter.
She was built in the atmosphere. I kinda hope she can maneuver there.
Kirk is portrayed as an incompetent who is ultimately responsible for all the deaths in San Francisco.
Just like TWOK right?
The "Transwarp transporter" is back which means starships are definitely obsolete, in case that wasn't clear from the last movie.
Cause you can totally invade a planet by beaming five people at a time.
Khan has somehow become and English white guy.
And Kirk has blue eyes and McCoy is Australian. New actors.
Death itself has been conquered with Khan's magic blood.
He was only mostly dead.
There's lots more but these are the highlights for me. What a piece of crap.

Full review is HERE.
Nah, we're good.
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