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Re: about the IV title

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Leila Kalomi probably had a bundle of Vulcan joy we don't know about, too.
Err, probably not...
LEILA: I love you. I said that six years ago, and I can't seem to stop repeating myself. On Earth, you couldn't give anything of yourself. You couldn't even put your arms around me. We couldn't have anything together there.
(emphasis added)

Oh, wait... unless you mean that something happened while Spock was under the spores' influence. Hmm, in that case it's possible they got more intimately involved than '60s TV was allowed to admit. However, Enterprise suggested that Vulcan-human hybridization would require some medical/genetic intervention (which is in keeping with what was claimed in Roddenberry's Inside Star Trek record album from the '70s). Not to mention that there is such a thing as birth control.
Oh, Christopher, you're being much too serious with my flip little post. You are correct, of course, but I was thinking of the "spores" influence and Capt. Kirk's little jab about having the gall to make love to that girl. He was probably thinking, damn you Spock, that's my job!
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