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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Well this episode either they turn the electricity on, or it stays off the rest of the series.
My feelings on that is that the power being off is the central macguffin of the whole series. Turning it on for season 2 essentially means that we the audience were sold the wrong show...

We were sold a show about "the power being off and the lives of the people after the power goes off."

Instead, we have a show about "people 15 years in the future who fight each other and make dumb decisions, oh and in the first season for some reason there wasn't any power."

Turning the power on would be like if season 2 of Gilligan's Island took place in the middle of Arizona.

(Or like Season 4 of LOST, when they actually aren't LOST anymore. That's when that show jumped the shark.)
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