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Star Trek category was on Jeopardy! a couple days ago

Yeah, there's been Star Trek categories on there in the past, and whenever they do come on, of course for any of us it's a total breeze. And thankfully, all of the clues were guessed correctly, unlike that horrendous Voyager Jeopardy! category catastrophe.

Despite the easiness, it's always fun to see it, especially the couple nods to the new cast and 2009 movie. I don't have a video, but I do have the clues:

$200) In this "trek" role both Karl Urban & DeForest Kelley could have said, "Jim, I'm a doctor, not a game show response!"

$400) This deadly "trek" enemy race was Bjorn to say what became their catchphrase: "Resistance is futile"

$600) A decades-old mystery was solved in the 2009 movie when her first name was found to be Nyota, Swahili for "Star"

$800) As Guinan, this actress got a good "view" of the Enterprise while tending bar

$1000) Transporter accidents will happen! Tuvok & Neelix merged into one being called "Tuvix" on this "Trek" incarnation
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