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Re: Division By Zero

Does Data being able to recite an explanation or definition mean he understands the explanation or definition?

Data displayed some problems with simple idioms and humour in the past, yet when required, he was able to access some internal database (or accessed the ship's computer remotely in his brain, perhaps), and pulled up the definition for his own edification. I don't think he necessarily understood things better, though, after reciting the definition out loud. If it was as simple as that, he'd have a complete grasp of what it "means to be human" after reading Shakespeare.

So even if Data would be able to recite the definition or Wikipedia-style entry of "division by zero", does that mean he intuitively understands the material better? I could do the same thing, Data just does it faster. Which of us would understand it better, though? Is Data's positronic brain inherently better than an organic one, or just faster?
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