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The Revised Starfleet Technical Manual/ Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701)

The concept of updating Franz Joseph's Starfleet Technical Manual and USS Enterprise deck plans is really intriguing, and gets the creative juices flowing.

I've decided to sit down and begin to make a master list of what should be on there.

To my mind, and the reason I started my own thread instead of posting in one of the existing ones, is that it's got to be respective first and foremost of what was on screen. Only when that can't be reasonable known on inferred will I reach out to other sources for data.

We've never seen a definitive and comprehensive TOS Tech Manual! After all these decades. It still does not exist.

That, above all else, just blows my mind. So, here is my first revision of that master list: (I know I'm missing something, so be gentle)

The Revised Starfleet Technical Manual/ Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701) Mission Log

1. Orthographic projections of the Starship Class Heavy Cruiser (both Pike captaincy and Kirk captaincy)
2. Deck plans of the same (as of Stardate xxxx.xx)
3. Shipboard phaser emplacement (typical)
4. Ground Phaser emplacement
5. Class F Shuttlecraft
6. Type 1 Phaser
7. Type 2 Phaser
8. Log Pad
9. Dispensary (location onboard)
10. Starfleet Communicator
11. Rec Room tray
12. Rec Room plates, bowls, flatware
13. Crew jumpsuits (green, red, and blue, depending on departments)
14. Pike era Laser Pistol
15. Pike era Laser Rifle
16. Pike era communicator
17. Pike era uniforms
18. Atmospheric Isolation Suit
19. Kirk’s Tunic Wrap
20. Starfleet Dress Uniform
21. Vulcan Lyre
22. Medical Tricorder
23. Sciences Tricorder
24. Rec Room shot glasses
25. Rec Room coffee pot
26. Rec Room Food Synthesizer
27. 3D Chessboard
28. 3D Checkerboard
29. Starfleet workout attire
30. Retractable forcefield door
31. SS Valiant Recorder Marker
32. SS Antares orthographs
33. Engineering pistol scanner
34. Engineering Test Ray Generator
35. Surgical Respirator
36. Anabolic Protoplaser
37. Beam Scalpels
38. Medicine Hypodermic
39. Jefferies Tubes
40. Surgical Wound Healer
41. Rigel 12 Residence
42. Dr. Korby’s Android fabricator turntable
43. Tantalus Neural Neutralizer
44. Balok’s warning bouy
45. Fesarius orthographs
46. Balok’s Control Ship orthographs
47. Franz Joseph’s “Ray Gun”
48. Anti-gravity Generator
49. Pressure Chamber
50. Decompression Chamber
51. Biobed
52. Duotronic Computer Core
53. Emergency Transponder
54. Instrument of Obedience
55. Eminian Disruptor pistol
56. Eminian High Councilroom
57. Starbase 11
58. Commodore Stone’s Office
59. Starbase 11 Lounge
60. Starbase 11 Hearing Room
61. Witness Chair with palm scanner
62. White sound Heartbeat Reader
63. Lt. Macgivers Quarters
64. DY-100 orthographs
65. DY-100 interiors
66. Khan’s uniform
67. USS Enterprise Hearing Room
68. Janus 6 Pergium Mining Station
69. K-7 Space Station
70. Pike-era Uniforms (Science tunic, command tunic, medical tunic, engineering tunic)
71. Neural Stimulator
72. Sickbay’s Physiostimulator
73. Klingon warrior uniform
74. Sickbay's Psychotricorder
75. Sickbay’s Sonic Separator
76. Transtator
77. Ultraviolet Satellite

Thoughts, guys and gals?

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