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I will recommend Aria just because.
With you, bro. From my first post:

Admiral2 wrote:
ARIA: I barely know how to explain this one. It's like...chamomile tea. I'm generally an impatient, easily bored person, but I watched this series and it has like a scary calming effect. Nothing happens. Literally nothing, but you don't care because it's just so overwhelmingly nice it hypnotizes you into watching every episode.

Um, anywho, it's about Mars being turned into a water planet and there's a copy of Venice and its the story of the gondola pilots who are cute girl students.

Yeah, I know, but I'm telling you it's hypnotic!
I thought I was the only one! It's my favourite anime series.
I can't say it's my favorite (That's reserved for GITS), but i devoured it almost whole when i found the series on DVD, and i read the manga on-line, and all the while i was consuming both i was thinking "I should hate this," but i couldn't bring myself to.

My first experience of it was a sample episode on an insert DVD. It cut out halfway through the viewing and I couldn't get it to start up again, so I had to look elsewhere to see the rest of it. And I found it, and I was hooked.
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