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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

A Matter of Perspective is just preposterous on so many levels. Whether it's the investigator letting Riker's own people use their Holodeck technology to defend him, or the ridiculous portrayal of a sleazy and violent Riker, or the scientist's crazy plan to kill Riker which backfires and somehow blows up the entire station, or the way the Holodeck magically duplicates the entire event at the end, exonerating Riker.....

The idea of a Rashoman story is definitely a cool one, but for it to work the alternate versions of the story have to at least be somewhat plausible. Plus the whole murder plot is contrived and not terribly interesting in the first place.

I will say though the opening with Data giving a critique of Picard's painting is as perfect as ever. Spiner's comic timing in that scene is absolutely freakin priceless.
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