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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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Ah, but, "Walk around like you own the place" is The Doctor's M.O. That is the way he always approaches every situation and often works (and often doesn't, sure, but, that is his typical attitude and advice). He didn't tell her that because she's black and was concerned about prejudice, he told her that, because that's his typical response.
I'd say it's especially in character for 10. I've been rewatching some of S3 and we can see he's similarly unconcerned about what Martha has to sacrifice in Human Nature/Family of Blood or about the feelings she has for him. And he seems to me dangerous to be around, I guess the Doctor always is but 10 seems quite ready to give a "sorry, so sorry" without missing a beat.
Yea, people want equal treatment for the benefits, but, don't want the drawbacks that come with it.

Yes, Mickey was treated like an idiot by the Doctor, but, not because he's black, but, because he was Rose's boyfriend, but, his arc turned him into a great hero. Rory was treated as the exact same idiot because he was Amy's boyfriend/husband, and he got killed several times and was plastic, standing guard over Amy for 1000 years, seems like he got a bit more of a raw deal than Mickey did.

Yes, martha got a raw deal with her unrequited love for the Doctor, but, Donna got a much more raw deal when she left.

We Gay people want Same Sex Marriage, but, wait for the uproar when the working spouse gets treated exactly like a Straight husband in a divorce and has to pay a settlement or monthly payment to the non-working spouse.

Women want equal treatment, but, try telling your date you want to split the check on your first date and see how long it is before the second date (if ever)
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