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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

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Regarding BigDaddy's thoughts on CRASH....

And yet, possibly the first time, and probably the only time, the most racist character was also the most heroic. Did you make it to the Thandie Newton/Matt Dillon moment prior to the turnoff?
The most racist character was a hero? All the characters were so racists I wouldn't care if any of them were heroes. I don't remember anything of the movie besides it was garbage.

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I was offended by Crash.

A mix of "I wasted money renting this garbage" and literally hating every part of it. Yes, the human race sucks, but not everyone in the world is a racist pig.

One of the few movies I turned off without finishing.
You are a smarter man than me

I stuck around to the bitter end. I mean.. it won Best Picture... It had to get better at some point..?!?!

I'd say in general though I don't really get 'offended' by movies. I might find them ridiculous and terrible for numerous reasons. But offended? Ok, well, I guess there was the Phantom Menace.. I mean that was offensive. But aside from that..? Nah.

I rented it before it won. I remember how everyone thought it was the weakest of the nominees, and all the horrible comments after it won.

Then my mom rented it and I tried watching it again. Nope. I never finished it, and neither did my mom.
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