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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I have an off/on interest in TNG. Essentially I prefer stuff from the first three to four seasons, but I have little to no interest in seasons five, six and seven. And I care nothing for the TNG films. TNG is one of those things where I feel the producers were so close to getting where I'd hoped the series would go yet rarely did it get there. That said in retrospect it comes across much better than the Trek that followed over the years.

Star Trek was at its best in TOS and some of TNG and only a scant few episodes of early DS9. The rest is drivel.

TNG I've liked:
Where No One Has Gone Before
Where Silence Has Lease
Elementary, Dear Data
The Schizoid Man
A Matter Of Honor
The Measure Of A Man
Q Who?
Up The Long Ladder
The Emissary
Yesterday's Enterprise
The Offspring
Sins Of The Father
Captain's Holiday
The Best Of Both Worlds

Those aforementioned are my preferred episodes while there are others from the first four seasons I feel are okay and watchable. Measure Of A MAn and Q Who? Are my favourite TNG episodes that I rank up with my cherished best of TOS.

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