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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Posted by Ohappydagger:
Ooh, okay. I'm 26 and a nursing student in California and I've been a TNGer since the tender age of 8. My dad was (still is) a huge geek and he raised me in the grand geek tradition, making sure I got to comic conventions and was sitting there with him the night Encounter at Farpoint premiered.

I'm a Bev-head. Less now than I was at 13 and 14, when I was quite the obsessive over her as well as a P/Cer (although I never attained the mastery of either subject as High Priestess Naraht has!). I have calmed down over the years, but Bev is still my classic fave.

My favorite episodes are Cause & Effect and Timescape. I hate Seasons 1 and 2... I'd almost rather watch ENT! Other episodes I love are Frame of Mind, Power Play, and Remember Me.

I have to say, I probably technically prefer DS9 to TNG, and TNG is tied with VOY as my second fave. But TNG will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up with it!

You know, since it's Halloween today I figure it's an ideal time to post a pic of me dressed up as Bev on Halloween sixteen, yes, sixteen years ago. It was S3. I was so overjoyed to have Our Lady of Sickbay back on the show I had to celebrate.

This is the closest pic of me I have to STNG's premiere that's handy. I was 15 here, not 17. I never wore a uniform though.


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