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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

This week's update is one of my bigger ones yet. So I am just going to list the Voyager related stuff here and you guys can go to the site and take a look

Belanan's webpage. What's new!!

1 Janeway collage
2 episode collages (thanks to Odo)
1 Miral Paris Fake
1 Janeway/Seven Fake
1 Doc/Seven Fake (thanks to Camryn)
1 Janeway fake
7 Janeway/Chakotay fakes. (thanks to Camryn and Gilly)
2 new music Video's
New sig of Janeway/Q (thanks to Klaus)
Updated Story of Time's Children. (J/C)
New J/C story (by Camryn)

There are a few other fakes, but are not realted to Voyager. Enjoy guys!!

Today is a good day to kick some ass!
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