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Amazon and legal fan-fiction

Is this something of a watershed moment for we in the fan-fiction community?

Briefly, Amazon has purchased the licencing rights to a number of television shows (these being Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries), and will be allowing people to write their fan-fiction so that it can be sold on Amazon via their Kindle service.

The proceeds from these sales will go to the rights-holders, and if the story itself is over 10,000 words then the authors get the standard book royalty rate of 35% of total sales.

Surely this is a game-changer?

Amazon has found a way to make fan-fiction legal and get themselves, the authors and the creators paid for it!

Granted at the moment the only television shows included are those mentioned above, but I'd venture that if fan-fiction generated by these turns a profit then we'll soon see more shows added to the list.

Possibly even Star Trek?
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