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Ponn farr is more a result of repressing emotions...
That's not a known fact, it's just an opinion McCoy expressed at one point in "Amok Time." And it doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. Think about it: the episode also claimed that the rituals surrounding pon farr had been unchanged since the distant past -- but Vulcans only adopted logic and emotional repression a couple of millennia ago. This is the one part of their intrinsic emotional nature that they couldn't eliminate with logic, so they left it as it had always been. It's possible that the madness of the plak tow is more intense with the emotions pent up the rest of the time, but the actual periodic mating drive has been with them all along.

Of course, that does raise the question of whether the Romulans go through pon farr as well. I don't think we have any solid evidence one way or the other.

Of course, Spock has already shown more emotion in the two Abrams movies than he did in all TOS combined without alien influence, so who knows?
These movies are set in the late 2250s, between the time frames of "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before." In both of those pilots, Spock was more emotional than he was later in life -- even smiling openly at the chiming plants on Talos IV. So I see no inconsistency in the level of emotion expressed by Spock at this age.
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