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Re: How do Combadges stick to uniforms?

In Hollywood, chewing gum always works for attaching things to bombs or bombs to things, so that angle is covered. However, in Hollywood, chewing gum is impossible to remove from clothing without getting it to stick in your hair, so that one is not...

One issue of interest here is how one regulates the sticking and unsticking, in-universe. Does one have to squeeze a specific part of the badge to get it to loosen its grip or what? Mere pulling wouldn't appear to be enough, or else these things would constantly be shaking loose.

What else can be manipulated in a commbadge? Tapping is supposedly for activating, even though these things seem to be on all the time anyway. Is there a way to adjust reception, choose channels, engage scrambling etc. without opening the casing and pointing a doodad-with-blinkies-on at it?

Timo Saloniemi
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