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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Posted by Theta:
Posted by Plainsong:
Posted by Theta:
Hey, Plainsong , am I in yet?
Only if you begged SubTv to at least give us a choice of disliking Ent or not. I did, they ignored me.
I'm still pestering them for TNG S3 and forward. Or was before I was forced into boycotting them for Big Brother.

I think when you're in Finland and a trekkie, you tend to appreciate it more because it's so rarely on tv.
Oh you mean you haven't subscribed to the Big Brother channel?

Subtv was the reason we got the dvd's. They left off at the end of season 2 and it was like... and??

So everyone else take note, we are seriously deprived in Finland!
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