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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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I didn't bother hunting up a link to the study measuring objective trends in pop music because it was widely publicized in well-known sources like New Scientist.
Provide evidence or be dismissed.

Also, I knew full well that people so shameless as to claim it's all subjective and then still argue that there's progress would try something grossly ignorant, like trying to claim variety isn't a part of excellence.
You still think that's what I was arguing? I have made my position very clear: in art and music there is always crap and there's always great stuff. Which is which is subjective. This supports my case against the notion that civilization is in decline. In science and literacy, there is clear progress. That this same complaint has been voiced since the beginning of recorded history and we are yet to see the collapse of culture supports my case against the notion that civilization is in decline.

Further, the objective facts of history show conclusively that whole generations have praised themselves, yet the test of time has decisively rejected them.
Objective facts of history, as I noted in my very first post in this thread, show that people have been whining about the decline of cultural standards in the subsequent generation since ancient times. By doing so now you're just engaging in the same short-sighted and egotistic thought processes. This supports my case against the notion that civilization is in decline.

The inability (or refusal) to understand simple English may be useful to hide confused and incompetent thinking. But the fact is that mainly this is about indignation that old people don't appreciate the magnificence of the young. This is not an admirable thing.
Considering I've had to clarify my argument for this the third time?... I don't think it's my ability to understand simple English that should be in question. I've never claimed that the young are exceptional, just that the notion that something is automatically better because it is older is stupid.

And, skepticism is still opposed to materialism.
Not if you're doing it right.

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