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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

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The age old argument about is there money in the Federation?

Even if there's no money in the Federation, Voyager's economy runs on replicator rations.


They're communists, so even Suder locked in his room, or the Equinox 5 slave labour gets the same ration as Janeway.

Do the kids get the same replicator ration as the adults?

Baby Naomi, get's the same replicator ration as a full sized adult.


You don't pay for food in the mess.

You don't pay for your room or air.

You don't pay for holodeck time, but then again Holodeck time is probably rationed out evenly... Which means there just be a conversion table for holodeck time to raplicator rations to holodeck time.
Which brings up the question that has been hovering around in my mind for years. Who was keeping track of all the holodeck time and replicator rations? This question comes from almost 30 years of reconciling bank statements to Accounts Payable postings. First with pencil and paper and later with Excel because if it is one thing I've learned in all these years is that the software hasn't been invented yet that can do that for you. Lots of software companies have programs, and lots of software companies say that they have the ability to do this, but once you look at the end product you know they can't.
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