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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Also, Lois is starting to get annoying, and it has nothing do do with her lines. The trouble with casting people that look nothing like more common versions of the characters in stuff like this is that it gets confusing. I expect Lois to have black or very dark brown hair, so when I'm not thinking about it I can't tell if she's in a trailer/tv spot or not. Thats not always a problem if the actor/actress is memorable (like Laurence Fishbure, I'd have never picked him as Perry but he's easily identifiable) but Amy Adams is so bland and not Lois like that its honestly hard to tell in a fast trailer/TV spot if its Lois or random women in certain clips.

I have to laugh that you can be so harshly judgmental on a character who has only been flashed on the screen for seconds from a few very fast paced trailers!

Anyway, if you have watched the Adventures of Superman, when Noel Neill played Lois Lane she had red hair through out the rest of the series. In the last season, according to the commentary on of the episodes, she had to dye it and even brighter red.
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