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Why would that even be happening due to Spock's ongoing relationship?
Like I said, his hormonal chemistry would be different if he were sexually active, and that might "prime" his system for an earlier onset of pon farr.
Don't appreciate the tone Christopher.

What I was getting at was that I was thinking Pon Farr occurred because Vulcans didn't have sex regularly. So if alternate Spock is having sex regularly with Uhura-which I am assuming is happening-why would he go through Pon Farr?
Ponn farr is more a result of repressing emotions than it is not having sex. Spock could be banging Uhura every night, but as long as he's still repressing emotions in the proper Vulcan manner, he's still going to get the seven year itch.

Of course, Spock has already shown more emotion in the two Abrams movies than he did in all TOS combined without alien influence, so who knows?
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