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Re: Top 10 starship designs

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Mine, in exact order:
  1. Constitution-class (original)
  2. Odyssey-class (the Enterprise-F)
  3. Constitution-class (alternate)
  4. Nova-class
  5. Prometheus-class
  6. Galaxy-class
  7. Sovereign-class
  8. Vor'cha-class
  9. D'deridex-class
  10. Aerie-class (the Raven)
the ugliest enterprise ever
Not to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

I'd say the ugliest is the Enterprise-J class. Compared to that, the Sovereign-class is absolutely beautiful.
To be fair though, since all we see on screen of the Enterprise J was a schematic on a monitor screen, all they felt the need to do was just take the NX-01 and stretch it out.
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