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Re: ALT: Star Trek Into Darkness by A. D. Foster Review Thread (Spoile

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Hopefully whoever they bring in to direct the next film will also be an accomplished screenwriter with a good sense of plot to complement K&O's skill for dialogue (although it isn't yet known whether K&O will even be involved -- they've got a lot of other stuff going on these days).
They do! I am hoping that the main creative team will be back so that the film will not be too far off what has been established. Hopefully they won't be afraid to have things be a bit slower.

Star Trek III was the most contemplative and downbeat of the original cast films, and we say that in a good way. Given the marketplace these days, could a third Star Trek film from the Bad Robot team in any way resemble The Search for Spock?

ORCI: I hope that, in a certain way, we've earned the right to get a little bit crazy and maybe go more sci-fi? I’m going to flip this interview on you. What do you think?

We wouldn't mind a little less action, a little more character development. We’re not sure they need to beam down to Risa for a whole movie, but maybe even just a few minutes of them relaxing, like in that wonderfully cheesy campfire scene in Star Trek V, would be welcome…

ORCI: I agree with you completely. You brought up, jokingly, the campfire scene in Star Trek V. I love that scene. I love it. I feel like that’s pure Star Trek. Again, let the best idea win and we may not be around and it’s going to be a competition, but maybe we earned the right to do some sci-fi in this third movie and sort of have earned the right to do whatever Star Trek needs to be. We’ve done these two cool, big, action Star Trek movies. Are we allowed to do more than that now? I’d like to think so. You’re from You know that Star Trek: The Motion Picture is panned by some people and yet, hell man, V’ger going off and becoming sentient is awesome. It’s such a trippy thing.
I like the sound of something more contemplative and Sci-fi with the new film. I guess let the speculation begin!
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