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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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Why is everyone being mean to Star Trek these days?
I think there are levels. The shift from TNG Trek to the new opened by JJ Trek, folks never so enamored by Trek at all, and those for whom Trek is just another show. Over the years, I've grown quite weary of the Trek as the 'Non Plus Utra of Sci Fi' crowd. There is a lot to like in Trek, but there's a lot to like elsewhere, too.
What does "non plus ultra" mean?
Well it depends on where you put the breaks.

Nonplus Ultra is different from Non plusultra.

Remember how Roman numerals work?

Historically... This sounds like Orwellian newspeak.

In the book they were trying to control the shape of language, reducing the size of the dictionary, so that heresy against Big Brother was impossible to put into words or thought.

In the movie, they thought that by gradually reducing the language and the size of the dictionary, that mankind would eventually have no language and become telepathic.

Which is what they based goodfacts and truefacts on in the final episode of season 4, deconstruction of falling stars, where the hologram Garibaldi ignited the nuclear apocalypse 500 years in the future.
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