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But Khan, to me, is much more than just that. BC's Khan wasn't hugely menacing
He crushed a guy's skull with his bare hands.
With Evil Villain Rage or just some good ol' superhuman adrenaline. Neither makes Khan particularly menacing, in my view.

In fact, at the moment of crushing Admiral Robocop's skull, Khan revealed himself to be a petty emo kid, and rendered himself momentarily vulnerable to attack. His urge for simplistic recrimination saps the scene of intrigue and power. It's more like Ru'afo killing Admiral Dougherty in ST:Insurrection.

This same kind of vengeful killing method was done far better, in my opinion, in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" (a stunning sci-fi tone poem of a film, it must be noted, that predates STID by three decades). There, Roy Batty was truly menacing, with his slow-burn intimidation of Tyrell, and both the lighting and the music conveyed a feeling of raw horror utterly absent from STID's boorish, run-and-gun histrionics.

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