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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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A few possibilities exist (not mutually exclusive), I think, to explain these two-errors-for-the-price-of-one:

1) The writers are inventing things willy-nilly.

2) The writers don't care about following Star Trek lore

Oh dear.

All because of a slight mix-up of terminology when the rest of both films are FILLED with references, easter eggs and homages that should more than satisfy Trek fans.

Nerd rage certainly is funny to watch.

I was actually laughing as I typed my former post -- well, almost.

It *is* very pedantic, I'll give you that. And there may be a small measure of nerd rage there, too.

The thing is though, this is merely one issue amongst hundreds. It's a small one, yes, and if it were the only one, or one in a handful of gaffes, it might not warrant much comment, but -- in my opinion -- it isn't.

Also, we're all bloody nerds here, or we should be. "Trek lore" was perhaps the wrong term; "Trek minutiae" might be better (though, basic ship elements and layout, such as a ship typically having two nacelles -- one port, one starboard -- seem like Trek 101 to me).
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