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Hence, why this thread, I'm not saying anything about the KS, and just trying to point out the free game that is playable right now.

It isn't my game, its fun, it just doesn't have a lot of players, and I'm just trying to point to game out to any Trek fans so they can give it a try. Its in early development so things are getting added and changed.

Being able to be part of a group controlling just 1 ship is something I thought about years ago would be cool, I think it was in the early STO concepts but then got canned.

Despite it not being a Trek game, i feel it has more potential than many of the recent trek games like Legacy . It is an interesting co-op experience for sure.
Looking for a fun co-op Trek-like game where you and 4 friends can control a ship together just like the crew of the Enterprise? Give Quintet a try,it is free and you can play it on many different devices!
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