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Re: ALT: Star Trek Into Darkness by A. D. Foster Review Thread (Spoile

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I don't know. The more dialogue you present, the more gotcha moments that are there for the OCD crowd to tear apart.
You're presupposing that they couldn't write more dialogue without it being worthy of criticism. If they keep it tight (by which I mean well-executed, not breakneck) then there is no problem. Write good dialogue and people will enjoy it. And Orci/Kurtz are certainly capable of good dialogue. It's their plotting that is the weak spot.

Personally I'd rather a well-written movie that breathes a little more, but I understand that's not the way you usually make a blockbuster these days.
You presented that quote as mine, but it is not mine, I was quoting someone else. I was arguing that the dialoge that Foster added, really added to the plot and to the characters because the scenes breathed more. So I'm hoping for that in the next film, because this adaptation makes this an even better and more coherent film. Movies can be more than 2 hours these days, we can handle it, so 10 more minutes of dialogue and plotting is ok with me if it adds to the story like Foster has done here.
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