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Has this guy really cracked AI?

Timothy Mitchell is excited. The 27-year-old eccentric genius says he's cracked artificial intelligence (AI).

His computer code and programs actually have the ability to learn. They also have the ability to make him a great deal of money.

It is an idea that could revolutionise business; drastically cutting down on the time spent monitoring, repairing and protecting computer systems, because AI will learn to do it by itself.

I suspect that there is a lot of hype in that article -- just like there was about expert systems 30 years ago. Silicon snake oil? If the Singularity happens in my life time, I'll be surprised. Do current computer systems even approach the multiprocessing capability, interconnectivity, and memory capacity that is required to emulate Hom Sap's wetware.

ETA: The dot AIN website has more "detail" on the technology (and by detail, I mean very broad strokes):

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