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Had I said restated word-for-word, you'd be right.

I did not say word-for-word. You literally restated my original point with different words, so no, I'm right again.

re新tate [ree-steyt] Show IPA
verb (used with object), re新tat搪d, re新tat搏ng.
to state again or in a new way.

re新tate (r-stt)
tr.v. re新tat搪d, re新tat搏ng, re新tates
To state again or in a new form.

Definition of RESTATE

: to state again or in another way
Emphasis all mine.

Nice try though!

Please try to counter me using your own intellect and knowledge or don't bother, no one is interested in reading quote after quote you've had to look up on the internet.
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