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Re: Treknology Upside-Down

Quite so. And the only downside in the setup is that we're supposed to be witnessing a "standard" orbit in most of the cases... Flexibility and standardization are somewhat opposite ideas.

What we don't appear to be witnessing is a "lazy" orbit, one where the ship would just float in whatever orientation it happened to hold when achieving this trajectory. All sorts of activity and movement seems to be involved, and Sulu appears to be hovering over the controls even when the ship plows along this "standard orbit". Which makes quite a bit of sense: the ship has significant maneuvering capabilities that would go to waste in freefall, and OTOH "saving of energy" would be utterly pennywise...

The new movies do a favor here by finally establishing that starships are highly maneuverable beasts that have no real trouble operating in the atmospheres, on the surfaces or even under the oceans of planets. Really, we should be seeing them fly through solid rock next, as the implied capabilities of deflectors should allow them to do...

Timo Saloniemi
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