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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Still that's one thing. Expecting the crew to work themselves to exhaustion immediately before entering a potent armed conflict with a bunch of Cardassians is another thing entirely.
There was the likelihood of an armed conflict with the Sheliak. That didn't stop Picard from working people to exhaustion. What's necessary is necessary

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Also add to the fact that Jellico expected the crew to make an awkward change to a four shift rotation instead of three just because he felt like it, even when Riker tried to explain why it wasn't a good idea.
It's never stated that the reason he changed the shift rotation is solely due to personal preference. It's also clear that Riker hasn't been told everything about the mission specifics. Bottom line is that the captain is in charge despite objection, & he's privy to info that his subordinates don't have

Riker objects without really explaining anything, except that dept. heads think it will be difficult. When Data is XO he explains that even though things will be difficult, they can be done. Jellico's response is to tell them do the difficult thing. He knows. Nothing about this mission was going to be less than difficult, & it's presumptuous to think it's all because of Jellico's personal preference. Nobody knows that
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