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Re: the ugliest enterprise

JJ-Prise would've been alright if the nacelles weren't so swollen up front, like the front fenders of a 50's Chevy.

The Enterprise B starts out OK on the saucer section, has a pretty cool metal fin treatment on the neck and then... WTF? The secondary hull planes out to the sides. Separated from the ship, it looks like some kind of weird kitchen appliance. And then those nacelles... AWFUL! They stretch on into infinity, so disgustingly long.

I agree that the Enterprise D's saucer section should have been oval from fore to aft, not port to starboard. If that had been done and the warp nacelles given some kind of aft ports, they would've looked like engines. Instead they look like pontoon floats.

NX-01 is supposed to look crude. It's the time frame that makes it so.

Anyway, Enterprise B stands out as the worst for me.
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