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I think Zachary Quinto is a good actor, but just having pointed ears, funny hair, and a monotone voice doesn't make him Spock.
Yes it does.

Spock is the "Vulcan science officer of the Starship Enterprise." Anything beyond that is subject to interpretation.
So, if Jack Black....yes that Jack Black--as is--slipped on the pointed ears, delivered his lines in a monotone voice and sported the haircut, he would be Spock, just as much as Nimoy?
Does James Bond have to have dark hair and speak with a Scottish accent? They've remade Bond 6 times now and the only things they keep the same are the names. Dr. Who has has 12 actors play the same (but different) character. Both are incredibly successful franchises that have lasted just as long as Star Trek, with their ups and downs. But why can people accept them when they are far from the originals? Because they are tailored for their respective generations. The original Dr. Who would never fly today as it did in the 60s (Star Trek ISN'T the only groundbreaking sci fi show from the 60s). Same with Bond. The stories are updated and the characters more accessible to the new generations. People who prefer one iteration to others, they always do- old or young. I was born in the 80's and Connery will always be the best Bond to me. But I like Matt Smith's Doctor the best. No rhyme or reason, I just like those the best. And I prefer this version of Star Trek to the original series. Some people like both in different ways. There is no right or wrong answer- it's all about the individual.
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