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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Here are some shots of the transporter room with a full lighting compile and ambient occlusion baked into the lighting as well. I also adjusted the lighting so that the resulting shadows are more defined. I moved the console away from the wall, but not too much since I was having collision issues when I moved it too far away (the player character couldn't walk to the other side of it). I also completed the auxiliary console, the viewing screen Chekov uses in The Tholian Web, and the small "goose neck" viewer from The Cage that was added to the transporter room as a wall decoration sometime in the second season. The rear walls of the transporter room varied slightly each episode in the third season, but this is very close to the way it is seen in The Tholian Web. Also, the framed "poster" of the star cluster next to the console is of course from the first and second season version of the transporter room. I couldn't find any caps during the third season that showed this poster there (this wall wasn't shown much during season three, as it appears to have been removed most of the time). I found a high-resolution image of the Pleiades star cluster that, while not exact, closely resembles the poster we see. (If anyone has any info on the real image used in this poster, please let me know!)

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