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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I introduced myself in a controversial TOS thread, but the story I told was a true one.

I'm 30, I'm from Charleston, SC. I met this Finnish guy online while back at university, and that resulted in my moving to Helsinki, getting married and settling down. I've lived here for a good 7 years or so.

I grew up watching the TOS movies, and the TOS tv shows... only in my house trek was something to be ridiculed, so I watched late at night, doing lip-reading. The result is my TOS series knowledge isn't very good.

All of my friends through hs and college were trekkies. They had fun, were up on all the trivia, much of which I learned from them, and went to the conventions. I never was able to see TNG while it was on the air though. My parents could be rather cruel about that kind of stuff.

I remember my college friends not buying that I was no trekkie, and as theater types we watched from a different perspective, as actors watching other actors. Theater was my minor though. My major was music, and I had been preparing for the world of opera. Around that time, Voyager came out, so I've seen the first few episodes of that.

After leaving school to come here, there's precious little trek in this country, although I know there's at least one Finn on this board. Maybe absense makes the heart grew fonder, or maybe I just realized that I took that idealism I so highly prized for granted.

Whatever the reason, when TNG started re-running here, my more accepting husband and I were instantly hooked. They've stopped airing TNG episodes, but we got the dvds. With two episodes a night, it's flying by quickly, and I can remember plot, but I can't remember episode titles. I guess that comes with time.

There's very little about TNG that's dated IMO. There are symbolisms that are very much applicable to today.

Let's see, a couple of other things, I'm a member of Team Insurrection, and am also a member of Wil's Posse.

As for the picture in that first post - LOL we just watched Tapestry tonight! :thumbsup:
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