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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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Wait, I thought Netflix wasn't interested in another season. When did this change?
They backtracked almost immediately and said that regardless of if there was a movie or not they'd like to return for another season. First link I could find on it here.
If it's just more of what season four offers, I think I'll pass.
Season 4 is pretty damn good, IMO, so I'm happy to see more. But I don't think it's representative of what we'd see in the future. They had 6 years of backstory to catch us up on and scheduling problems to get the cast together enough to film group scenes. I think I read they had them for a day as a group. Often had them filming lines without the other person present and it only being evident how it actually worked once it was edited together. So I can forgive it any of these niggly problems.
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