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neoworx wrote: View Post
Let's see:

The Enterprise can now maneuver in an atmosphere with ease. It's as handy as a helicopter.
Yeah, there's no way that a starship that can manipulate gravitational fields, deploy energy barriers, and hurtle through space at thousands of times the speed of light without so much as causing a shudder, could possibly maneuver well in an atmosphere.

Kirk is portrayed as an incompetent who is ultimately responsible for all the deaths in San Francisco.
Actually, he's portrayed as extremely capable, but reckless. He later learns to temper his zeal. Your other conclusion has no merit.

The "Transwarp transporter" is back which means starships are definitely obsolete, in case that wasn't clear from the last movie.
Notice how the transwarp transporter seems capable of moving only one or two people at a time. When we developed planes, did someone say, "well, there's planes now, who needs to drive anymore?" If they did, they would have been branded a shortsighted fool.

Starships are still the best method of travel.

Khan has somehow become and English white guy.
Alternate universe. Explained in the first film.
Also, the previous Khan was played by an actor from Mexico. Can't really quibble here unless you feel when it comes to skin, it's fine as long as it's brown.

Death itself has been conquered with Khan's magic blood.
It's not "magic blood." I see that everywhere, and it makes no sense. Any time someone uses the term "magic blood," I'm going to see them as a peasant trying to comprehend a vaccine, and describing it as "magic."

Also, death was long since conquered with the creation of the transporter, and that one goes back to TOS.

There's lots more but these are the highlights for me. What a piece of crap.

Full review is HERE.
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