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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

You know we could always take the piss and assume ENT is a potential past of several different universes. Most notably NuTrek and the curious TATV which seems to take place during TNG Pegasus despite them not lining up symmetrically. Riker and Troi's age difference, the way events unfolded in Pegasus differ from the way they were shown in TATV, Troi's hair, Riker's decision to confide in Troi in TATV the way not shown in Pegasus, other things that make you want to punch a hole in a wall at B&B's lazy attempt to float TATV as the same story as Pegasus. Maybe in this timeline the ENT-D was never destroyed like it was shown in GEN. The Next Gen crew's adventures happened at later points in their lives.

Why couldn't they just have TATV be set post-NEM if they wanted to bring back Riker and Troi?

This is a hypothetical "taking the piss" scenario mind you.

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