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Re: Marvel's Avengers Assemble animated series discussion

So I just finished watching Marvel's Avengers Assemble: "The Avengers Protocol - Part 1" and to be completely honest, I wanted to turn it off at least twice before the end of the episode. Not sure I'm going to watch Part 2 now.

This show is just so... It's just sub-par.
In no way does it come close to the bar set by Avengers: EMH

I'm still bummed about that cancellation just to launch this "New" take on the Avengers in a shared universe with the Ultimate Spider-Man show (which I also don't care for) but whatever.

Green Lantern
was good despite what I expected.
Young Justice was Excellent
Avengers EMH also Excellent with a nice retro/modern appreciation of comic lore thrown in.

Least I've still got Legend of Korra to look forward to.

Not sure there's anything else out there at the moment that tries to approach these sorts of characters in at least a halfway reasonable/realistic way now, save for Korra.
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