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Re: The "what are you working on?" Art thread.

Redfern wrote: View Post

And I thought the one available at the SketchUp Warehouse was detailed!

That has got to be the ULTIMATE Satellite of Love digital model!!!

You guys can have your Enterprise meshes; by hook or by crook I will find a way to obtain this data once Gep completes it!!!


Thanks. Not sure if you'd want it, though -- it's nearly 800,000 faces at the moment (if I don't mirror the details onto the hidden side – it shoots up to over 1.1 million if I do), and about 26 megs of data. Once I finish detailing and UV the sucker it's going to shoot through the roof. I can easily see this exceeding 100 megs by the time it's done. The upside to that approach is that you can push the camera right up to the hull and it holds up. The bad is, well, it's a huge model.

B.J. wrote: View Post
Nice! Can't imagine trying to do all those greebles.
It's not as hard as it looks. It's all kitbashing right now; I'm teaching myself modo and that software has a very cool feature where you can save meshes to a library and drag-and-drop them into a scene from a little pop-up palette. I saved out a few hundred kit pieces I either built myself or collected from various sources and have been using them to detail it. It's pretty fast.

B.J. wrote: View Post
So, does it have a set of numbered doors on the inside?
Nope. I'm not that crazy.
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