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Re: So now that (spoiler) signed up for a 5 year mission...

Many thanks to Locutus for being such an amazing moderator. This board is lucky to have him on staff.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologize if my first post came off a little hard. I was thinking more along the lines of the end of Star Trek 12, and of all the people who sign up for the five-year mission is Carol.

Now at a few other points in the flick, Carol is holding her stomach. Perhaps this is b/c nuKhan kicked her... but then again, somebody here on the trekbbs has an aviator of Janeway in a two-piece black bikini, and at one point Carol was wearing a quite similar bikini while alone with Kirk. Kirk didn't put on his boots after their encounter (this time), but I did read a little into that scene.

The Great Bird of the Galaxy never really let any of the characters say they were gay, and so when gaydars around the nation pinged for David Marcus, mine pinged, too. There was never any indication that David wasn't gay, or was, but those who know knew.

Does this current iteration of the Trek have room for even one of the many letters in the LGBTLMNOP alphabet? Will it be Carol and Kirk's alternate universe son? I hope it is, and I hope after twelve feature-length films and 700 some odd episodes, we FINALLY get thrown a bone. Will it happen in Star Trek 13? Can it?

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