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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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I enjoy the oddities of season 5, I think it's a lot of fun. Like a whole season of extras as well as some satisfying stories. And the finale should make anyone cry.

This thread is really making me yearn for a rewatch but I have to be strong! There are other things I'm supposed to be watching and a planned rewatch thread coming up.
I didn't like the first half of S5 with the Telepath story arc except for maybe "Kingdom of the Blind" (which had a great Londo/G'Kar/Centauri intrigue side story) but the second half of the season beginning with "Meditations on the Abyss" and ending with the one-two punch of "Movements of Fire & Shadow/Fall of Centauri Prime" was awesome. I felt that that the remaining episodes tied everything up quite nicely leading into the series finale.
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