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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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I agree up to a point BUT in order for long distance transporting to work, sensors in NuTrek have to be far more effective than in previous incarnations
I disagree. Scotty suggests that their sensors aren't actually up to the job at all; targeting a distant ship at warp is too difficult for anything he had on hand.

It's not, it turns out, that you need to be able to target your destination accurately. The "transwarp beaming equation" is basically plug and play so you really only need to have a general idea where your target is and what part of the target you want to hit (probably using some sort of shifting frame of reference, so you basically target the last place your target WAS and then calculate your arrival point accordingly).

I think the Narada, with its advanced tech, should have been able to detect the 'secret' transport
Narada was a civilian ship; I doubt it had anything more sophisticated than the Romulan equivalent of a burglar alarm.
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